Electromagnetic Field Records, V1

The Earth atmosphere electromagnetic waves recorded in Northern British Columbia Canada in August 24 - 28, 2016. Referencing articles: R9XA2MRE.

Data is organized as a single time series coma-separated text file (CSV). Here are the first lines of the file:

RecordingIndex,Timestamp,Ex,Ey 1000,2016-08-26T04:00:40.000122Z,3.03276,-1.533074 1000,2016-08-26T04:00:40.000244Z,1.056121,-2.546273 1000,2016-08-26T04:00:40.000366Z,2.1063,-1.692799 1000,2016-08-26T04:00:40.000488Z,2.680448,-1.250328 ...

Record format as follows:

Field Name Description
RecordingIndex Number identifying continues recording run.
Timestamp When the measurement was taken, in UTC timezone.
Ex Electric field, in the North(*) direction, in micro-Volts per meter.
Ey Electric field, in the West(*) direction, in micro-Volts per meter.

(*) Ex and Ey projection directions are orthogonal and stationary, though their exact relation to the Earth true North could be approximate.

There are 7832 continues recordings in the file. Each recording duration is 1 second and consists of 8191 CSV records. Here is the data file itself:


Zip file size is 864250721 bytes (824 Mb). CSV file size is 3417828799 bytes (3.18 GB).

Example of a Signal

Below is a 120 milliseconds Ex snapshot example of a recording with Id=5124 taken 2016-08-28T07:00:20.412 Zulu: